Are you a farmer looking to either expand your current cropping operation or grow your non-broadacre business? If so, we have a finance solution that is fast, efficient and with minimal fuss that aim to help you achieve these objectives.


Our solution


No fees, fast turnaround: Ruralco Seasonal Finance is a 0-fee loan that can provide you with operating cash flow within 24 to 36 hours of your application being approved.

Short to mid-term funding: Ruralco Seasonal Finance is designed so that you can borrow up to 50% of the estimated value of your crop. The loan must be repaid within 12 months.

Transparent and competitive interest rate*: Like our customers, we prefer to be straightforward and call it as it is. Unlike most finance providers we don’t quote our interest rate, then charge administration or establishment fees on top. We offer a competitive interest rate, with 0 additional fees.

The difference: The Ruralco Seasonal Finance Cropping solution offers you an alternate source of funds to your existing bank, giving you the opportunity to diversify your debt. Ruralco Finance does not own your crop. We take a security charge over the crop offtake only.

How it works: Our Ruralco Seasonal Finance Cropping solution is only available for customers of Ruralco businesses. The crop is the security for your loan, with the loan repaid when the crop offtake is later sold.

Trusted: The Ruralco Seasonal Finance loan is issued by Rabobank Australia Limited (Rabobank). Ruralco Finance acts as Rabobank’s approved credit agent. For you, this means you have the backing of two companies with experience in banking, supporting and helping to grow Australian farming. Day-to-day you will deal with Ruralco Finance representatives.


With our finance solutions you get the benefit of:

  • Dealing directly with our people: From the moment you contact us to register your interest our Ruralco Finance representatives will be responsible for your onboarding and the ongoing administration of your loan.
  • Years of agribusiness experience: After 120 years of serving Australian farmers across their merchandise, livestock, wool trading and grain brokerage activity we’ve taken the next step in helping farmers build their businesses. Through experience we know that running an agricultural business and managing seasonal variances brings with it plenty of complexity. That’s why you can be confident you’re partnering with people who understand what it is to operate a farming enterprise and within a local rural community.
  • Solutions tailored to meet a broad range of operations: Both the Ruralco Seasonal Finance and Flexi Finance loans may suit you regardless of the type of cropping, farming or horticulture operation you run.

With our finance solution you can:

  • Expand your existing acreage under crops
  • Purchase fertilisers, diesel or other inputs to help run your day-to-day operations
  • Build out your existing farming or horticulture operations
  • Finance other related aspects of your farming activity


Administration and establishment:

Ruralco Seasonal Finance is issued by Rabobank Australia Limited ACN 001 621 129 under AFSL 234700 and administered by Ruralco Finance Pty Ltd ACN 137 199 378 under Australian Credit Licence 367028.

Want to know more or apply?

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*When compared with our direct market competitors in the Australian agricultural seasonal finance industry.

Unless otherwise specified, the products and services described on this website are issued only in Australia by Ruralco Finance Pty Ltd ACN 137 199 378, Australian Credit Licence 367028. Please consider the relevant disclosure documents along with your personal objectives, financial situation and needs before making any financial decisions. Terms and Conditions, fees and charges may apply unless otherwise specified and all applications are subject to Ruralco Finance’s loan criteria and assessment process. These may change or we may introduce new ones in the future. Full details are available on request.

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